Dr Sajjadi

Consultant Psychiatrist

About Me

Dr Sajjadi is a consultant old age psychiatrist and memory specialist. He has been running and leading NHS memory services for over 14 years. He has first hand experience of being a caregiver for a family member with Dementia. His works and research have been focussed on delay and prevention of memory problems. His desertion was a systematic review on vitamins and cognitive functioning. He has been co-author of books and has publications in peer reviewed journals on the specific topics of delay and prevention of memory problems. i.e. “B vitamins and dementia”, “Lifestyle Change and the Prevention of Cognitive Decline and Dementia“( https://www.gmjournal.co.uk/lifestyle-change-and-the-prevention-of-cognitive-decline-and-dementia) and “Recent developments in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease”.
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